Busy Schedules

To schedule a free video counseling session, see Video Counseling.

In this busy world, not all clients have time to come to my office.

I can meet with you using secure (HIPAA compliant) video chat (conferencing) and you don’t have to leave your house or office. You need an internet connection and webcam. There is no software to download or install. You also need a private place in your home of office for us to talk.

Some candidates for Video Counseling are people who:

  1. travel a lot, or are busy parents 
  2. need appointments at unusual times
  3. are home bound due to physical or medical limitations
  4. live in areas of Illinois that have few mental health services
  5. are socially inhibited
  6. enjoy being online

Is it effective? The short answer is yes. Studies have demonstrated that people who have been counseled online for depression or anxiety show similar improvement to those who see a counselor in office.

For close-by clients, video counseling can be combined with face-to-face counseling.

Unfortunately, insurance companies in Illinois are not required to pay for video counseling. This may change as clients express their desire to use this convenient service.

At this time, I can only see clients online whose residence is in Illinois.