Video Counseling

If you are busy, travel a lot, or are home bound, we can meet by secure video conference. If you think this would be a good option for you, call me at 708-445-1898 and I will explain how it works.

First Video Session is free. Additional Sessions are $60 per 50 minutes until 12/31/2015. Note that insurance in Illinois typically does not pay for online or video counseling. Payment can be made online by credit card.

At the present time, due to state licensing restrictions, I can only see clients online who are in Illinois at the time of the service. 

More about video counseling.

Video Counseling (telecounseling, e-counseling or e-therapy) consists of meeting together in a secure video conference much the same as we would see one another face-to-face in my office.

Video Counseling may be more convenient for some people than coming to my office. If you travel a lot, are a busy parent, have trouble getting out, or just might be more comfortable online, video counseling may be right for you.


I you are under 18, I will need a parent’s written approval to provide you with counseling services. They will need to meet with me either face-to-face or online to discuss your counseling and sign the approvals. Sorry, I don’t do online counseling with clients under 13.