Social Media Policy

This policy governs the way I use social media in my online counseling practice. Please review my policy to better understand how I utilize and respond to social media interactions.

If you have any questions about what is contained in this policy, do not hesitate to contact me. Due to the rapid changes in technology, I may update this policy as needed.

As a professional counselor, I will not accept invitations to friend or connect with current or former clients on any social networking sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn. In my opinion, friending or connecting on social media sites constitutes a dual relationship (see INFORMED CONSENT for more on dual relationships. It also compromises confidentiality. As such, friending may potentially harm our counseling relationship.

My business Facebook page is purely to provide a link to my website. I do not update it or follow comments on it. I do not accept or acknowledge invitations to friend people on it.

I write a blog about anxiety and goal setting. I do not have any expectation that you as a client would follow my blog. If you do so, and you ask about a post during session, I will discuss it briefly. I will mainly be interested in hearing how you reacted to it and why.

If you comment on my blog, please do not identify yourself as a client of mine as this compromises your privacy. I will remove such comments. I will not reply to your comment on the blog.

You are not required or requested to buy or read anything I write including my book. If you do and want to talk about in session, I will do so briefly. I will mainly be interested in your reaction and how what I wrote affected you.

Please do not use social networking sites such as Twitter or LinkedIn to engage me. These tools could potentially compromise your confidentiality in the client/counselor relationship. Additionally, your communication or any exchanges become part of your legal medical record.

I will NOT use search engines to locate or learn about my clients. Only if an extreme situation occurred whereby I feel you are in danger would I feel compelled to use this method. Your intake form provides me with the best manner in which to get in touch with you and I have asked your permission on what ways you approve of me getting in touch with you.

In addition, I will not seek out or read reviews or other publications placed online by you.

As a counselor, I am aware of consumer review sites. The existence of these sites should in no way be perceived as a request from me for a review. I will never ask or expect my clients, past or present to leave a review on a consumer review site.

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