GOWL Counseling

We all have some goals that we are not achieving. Maybe it’s going back to school, or changing jobs, or careers, or learning to play the marimba. Maybe it’s much simpler such as trading in that old car. We talk about it but we don’t do it.

I changed careers after 30+ years in a corporate job. I wanted to make more of a difference in the world. I went back to school, got licensed and opened a counseling practice. I even wrote a book about it. That was a goal too.

Now, I help others get where they want to go. I call it GOWL, Get On With Life, Counseling. It’s a little like coaching with a touch of therapy. After all sometimes we’re stuck for reasons we can’t quite articulate. I will help you with that.

Here are the questions you can start asking yourself if you want to do something and are not doing it.

Is the juice worth the squeeze?
That means do I really want to do this badly enough to put in the time, effort and expense?
If the answer is yes,
Am I willing to make a commitment to doing this thing at this time?
If the answer is still yes,
Do I have a plan?

These and other questions are what we talk about in GOWL Counseling. Sometimes, you need an objective third party to help you sort these things out. If you want to learn more about setting and achieving goals, you can get a free e-copy of my book just by following my blog at http://www.almondhead.wordpress.com.